Dear User:

As our DAO groups are booming,

here we announce Vswap built up dedicate Telegram group for Indonesian fans.


In here, announcements and information sharing will be in Indonesian local language.

There will be dedicate Indonesian DAO promoting events and bonus in the near future. Cheers~

Saat grup DAO kami berkembang pesat,
di sini kami mengumumkan Vswap membangun grup Telegram khusus untuk penggemar Indonesia.
Vswap Indonesia
Anda dapat melihat dan bergabung dengan @VswapID
Di sini, pengumuman dan berbagi informasi akan dilakukan dalam bahasa lokal Indonesia.
Akan ada acara promosi dan bonus khusus DAO Indonesia dalam waktu dekat.



Dear ALL in fleet:

NFT Planet has been released.

From now on we will land on Mars together and mine 100,000 Martian NFTs.

Need to command the space cruiser to Mars.

Mars NFT amount: 100,000 Mars

100% mined.

Mining Period: 0.1 per day per ship.Collect …

Hello all, today we will release NFT Planet in V-Wallet. This will be a great journey, which will be recorded in glorious history forever, and will be eulogized for future generations. You will join the victorious fleet with me to build up an epic.

Let’s hold the AMA later today,with…

In last several months, group members knew step by step that JP& Vswap R&D could build up the best DEFI products.

I received messages from DAO& groups, that users wish Vswap promote harder to test my operational capability, well received, I will show people that JP is not only have…

Afternoon,Vswap Global group members, here is JP, long time no see literally.It has been a time since last AMA in this group.

In the past month, I have two main purposes for reducing chats.

The first is to think deeply and implement the development of vswap more harder in a…

Vswap Official

VSwap is a DEFI economic system that integrates multi-chain wallets, multi-chain decentralized transactions, two layer DEX, and NFT auction market.

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