JP:Never live in worry, live in the future. 20210322

First of all, I want report to everyone on the current progress of vswap.

In the most recent stage, we followed the design time and plan and carried out high-intensity development work.

Today, I am honored to announce that Vswap BSC dex has been officially launched.

Now that Vswap is a dual network running dex, then we have realized the basic construction of a multi-chain exchange. Vswap has become one of the few multi-chain exchanges in the world, and it can provide the world’s best trading depth continuously for 24 hours.

If you have an encrypted wallet, you can visit to open your asset exchange by connecting to the BSC mainnet.

In the next step, we will enter the research work of the trading aggregator. The aggregator will be able to select prices across the entire network and provide users with the best asset prices. Users can exchange crypto currency at the best price in vswap.

The price we will provide users with will be the best price in the world, which is the goal of vswap, and we have done quite a bit of work.

At the same time, we also developed and designed the NFT market in March.NFT market will be a market of great significance for Vswap, because this is the world’s first market for NFT+ community creativity, which means that the concept of Vswap’s NFT field has reached The most advanced level in the world.

First of all, let me explain again what is NFT. NFT is a token issued on the blockchain. It is different from the well-known ERC20 token. Each NFT represents an object with a unique attribute. It is a rare token.

The characteristic of NFT is that it has an artwork, such as a work of painting. This kind of art work will be issued in limited quantities, and NFT has proved its existence, eliminating fakes and forgeries. Art works with NFT tags have high collection value and potential asset appreciation effects. NFT is the most promising section in the field of blockchain assets.

NFT assets themselves have high value, but this is not enough for our thinking. We believe that NFT assets must have cultural, social, and collection attributes. In terms of cultural attributes, Vswap’s NFT artworks are all from crypto artists in the community. They create artworks through deep aesthetic soul and put them on the Vswap NFT market. Your collection stores their artistic value,also the legacy of community forever.

The NFT works here also have social attributes. Vswap’s node community will campaign based on the number of NFT works collected, which is a recognition of community culture. The number of collections represents how much of the cultural power of the community you have stored, and the qualification of the node comes from this.

The responsibilities of nodes are pretty heavy, but they will also carry the auction in the vswap community, and obtain huge profits from the construction of the insurance pool. This is a manifestation of the fairness of Vswap community.

In the NFT market, we have also introduced the role of the insurance pool. The insurance pool will have two functions.

1. Users will be able to become the liquidity provider of the insurance pool for NFT works through the IP pool staking, and receive dividends from the insurance pool. Income and benefits.

2. The insurance pool will provide an insurance service for the listed NFT artworks, which means that it will assume the risk of the auctioned works will be overlapped the reserve price. This is a crypto world pure innovation.No other project could compete with Vswap at this stage. In the NFT market, you can enjoy the value-added benefits of NFT works. At the same time, you also get important protection through the matching of the insurance pool.

Under this mechanism, the risk of the NFT market is absorbed by the liquidity insurance pool, and the bidders will be able to obtain the possibility of the value increasing of the NFT items, meanwhile obtaining the protection of the community and the power of the community.NFT & power of community Rocks!

The NFT market will be online hopefully tomorrow. NFT artworks are very very hard to get I could imaging.The bidding mechanism may lead NFT price increases in the future. The works of vswap NFT market are all original and have community significance. They are precious.

Regarding other aspects:

vswap will announce the whitelist of CEX in early April, and CEX that enters the whitelist will have the opportunity to first issue VAL tokens.

Regarding cooperation in the crypto world:

Recently, many internationally renowned crypto funds are in good contact with vswap, and we will work closely together to disclose the cooperation at the right time.

AMA part:

1. So about this NFT thing…if market is open then..we can start bidding right..but which Cryptocurrency will be accepted for bidding.

JP:Yes in our mind,TRC-20 USDT first,Gas lower. Vswap will try to open more NFT section such as BNB later for the deposit.It is under Node sub community,Node provide the IP,Insurance Pool liquidity for NFT market healty,but if you want to be node , you need to prove yourself for community. Node application require community badge collection.NFT artwork is Vswap Community badge.The first NFT artwork in auction will be one painting with community artist also it is the Vswap Badge.NFT artwork will be erc1155, limited number,limited NFT collection, with full community power.The NFT auction will be a milestone, because every NFT artwork is not only a work of art in history, but will also be the founding badge of vswap.

2. Is NFT going online tomorrow?

JP:For NFT works, they are all 100% original, and they are all masterpieces of artists. We record them on ERC1155. You can use them as adult gifts for children in the future, which will be extremely valuable.Auction system will be online hopefull tommorrw, we need system to be stable.

3. Is the coin we dug released in batches or in one time?

JP:There will be a complete process to protect everyone’s interests.

4. I am very worried about the purchasing power of the current user group, so the current NFT transaction price may not be high, will not affect the NFT?

JP:Never live in worry, live in the future.Your choice today will determine the harvest tomorrow, I am not worried about the price, the market will give the answer.

5. So, the first nft transaction will determine the first node?

JP:NFT is Vswap badge, for the node you need to collect NFT artworks.

VSwap is a DEFI economic system that integrates multi-chain wallets, multi-chain decentralized transactions, two layer DEX, and NFT auction market.