VFarm Operation Manual V1.0

First of all, use any decentralized wallet browser function to open val.finance, and click Connect Wallet.

If you encounter no response when you click Connect Wallet, please refresh the web page and it will automatically enter the connected state.

VFarm Page

Expand the down arrow, the LP currency pair details page includes the following information:

1. “Harvest” button: This button is used to harvest the rewards obtained by Staking LP.

2. “Enable” button: Use this button to authorize Staking qualification for VFarm.

3. VAL Earned: the number of VAL that has been acquired

4. Earned: the amount of VAL earned

5. Annualized interest rate: the evaluation of the income obtained by Staking LP for one year

6.ARPH: Average rate of return in USD in the previous hour

7. Total liquidity: the total dollar-denominated market value of all staking funds in the liquidity pool

8. Go to add AAA-BBB LP: use the button to go to BSC.VSWAP.CC to add LP Token liquidity

9. View contract: view the BSC contract address of the LP pair

10. See Pair Info: View token other detail information

LP Staking Functional Interface

Click “Enable” and enter your wallet password to authorize. After authorization, wait for blockchain confirmation.

Wait for BSC block confirmation after “Enable”

After the confirmation is successful, the “Enable” button will change to “Stake LP”

Stake LP Button
Click Stake LP

Click to Stake LP. If you find that there are not enough LP tokens in your wallet address right now, you can click “Cancel”, and then select “Get AAA-BBB LP” to go to bsc.vswap.cc to add your LP Token.

Select corresponding Wallet

After visit to bsc.vswap.cc, you may need to re-select “Connect” to connect to your wallet, and select the wallet you want to chose.

Add LP

Vswap has selected the corresponding token for you, and you can enter the number of tokens that you want to forge LP.

Type in Numbers

After entering the corresponding value, DEX will automatically match the corresponding amount of another token. Click “Supply” to provide liquidity.

Number of LPs
Confirm to provide liquidity

Click “Confirm Supply” to provide liquidity to the current pair

Blockchain Confirmation

After submission, it will wait for blockchain confirmation.

Pop-up prompt after successful addition

After the addition is successful, there will be a success prompt.

Number of LPs added

The number of LP tokens present in the wallet address is shown at the bottom.

Then use the wallet “back” button to return to Val.finance

Show that there are already available LPs

Click “Stake LP”, enter the amount you want to stake in the farm, and click “Confirm” to confirm.

Enter the quantity and confirm

After execution, the blockchain record will be submitted.

Stake success

After the blockchain is confirmed, a pop-up window will confirm that your assets have been staked on the farm.

LP operational page after staking

The amount of staking AAA-BBB LP in the LP indication has been changed.

If you want to increase/decrease the number of LPs, you can click the” +” and”-”.

Reduce the number of LP Staking

Enter the reduced amount, and click “Confirm” to confirm the blockchain execution.

Reduce staking execution success

After the staking reduction is successfully executed, the previously uncollected VAL Staking rewards will also be harvested into the address at the same time.

Back to the operation page, you can see that the staking amount has been reduced.

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